KGM Risk Management Package - Optio & Optio Eye

The full Smart Green Drivers package for all commercial lines fleets underwritten by KGM Insurance including the Reina application, Optio mobile application and Optio-Eye dashcam to help fleets improve their risk profile and reduce their excess by providing video footage (within 48 hours) of an accident. This package provides a full 12 months cover in line with your insurance premium.
Manufacturer: Unistrong
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KGM Underwriting services are one of the most sophisticated commercial lines of insurers in the UK with and outstanding claims service. They are passionate about using the latest and most relevant technology to deliver the right solution to their customers. Working closely with the underwriting and claims team we are pleased to configure our Smart Green Drivers proposition for KGM Fleets. Fleets benefit from the latest Telematicus solution which is built on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and KGM understanding of driver risk and how to use dashcam tehnology to improve "loss ratio"

The Smart Green Drivers Package for KGM has the following features and benefits:

  • The Optio mobile application provides both a GPS Flight Recorder (GFR) and Dashcam Flight Recorder (DFR) so that driver risk management data and FNOL video data is collected via the same mobile application
  • The Optio mobile application provides a Digital Bump Card with all of the relevant policy information, what to do in the event of an accident and the numbers to call (direct from the app)
  • The Optio mobile application provides a number of other relevant driving features including My Driving (includes data collection for all trips and ability to allocate these for expenses), My Footprint (CO2 Emissions), My Place (for routing), My Garage (for vehicle management), My Notifications (Automated and manual messaging)
  • Please click this link to see You Tube Video Mobile App
  • The Optio-Eye dashcam is a forward facing self install device that automatically connects to Optio in the event of an accident. A minimum of 1 minute of video footage is transferred to the cloud so that the claims management team have access to the data.
  • The Optio-Eye dashcam comes with a 16GB SD card and detailed instructions for self-install fitting, connection, set up and use. Useful features like "live streaming" allow for the camera to be set up at the correct angle.
  • The Reina backend application has been configured with Smart Green Drivers Eco-Driving features as well as specific KGM Insurance feature to manage "loss ratio" and "accidents" in the system, as well as all the standard features you would expect to manage drivers and vehicles.
  • Please click this link to see You Tube Vidoe Reina System
  • It is simple to upload a list of vehicles and/or add a vehicle just using their registration number. A drivers handbook and training material can be sent to drivers to support safe and eco driving
  • The system is configured with all the necessary government algorithms and data for those fleets that need to comply with government streamlined energy carbon reporting (SECR) - this applies to companies in excess of 250 ee's and £36M T/O
  • For those fleets that want to upgrade the package to a full carbon strategy helping you to become carbon neutral on your jounrey to net zero - please contact us.

Fleets should be aware that the data is connected directly to the KGM "data hub" so that KGM Insurance Claims have direct access to FNOL Video in the event of an accident. They can view the data in real time (provided you have a mobile signal). Provided the video footage is received in 48 hours the fleet excess will be reduced to the level agreed in your terms. There is a two way process which means claims may request additional video footage if necessary.

If you keep the system up to date with claims and accident data then there should be no surprises at the point of renewal. In addition the driver risk profile will be taken into consideration and this may well support a better premium at the point of renewal of a "cash back" if the "loss ratio" has reduced significantly.

This light touch approach to collecting risk management data, with improved FNOL reporting process comes with additional relevant driving benefits - Safe Green Driving.

Our technology platform is "device agnostic" so other telemetry solutions (black box on the top of a battery) or an existing telemetry data feed can be catered for - please contact to discuss - quoting KGM Package and your requirements

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Performance Manager (Goal, Targets/KPIs, Actions, including results tracking)Yes
Driver & Vehicle Management (Driver details and analysis, Vehicle details including UK Vehicle Data lookup, telematics, maintenance, breakdown, insurance, claims)Yes
AI-Based Driver Behaviour Analysis (Journey & Driver scoring, classification, and smooth driving analysis)Yes
Smartphone Telematics (high frequency GPS capture, accelerometer data capture, and optimised uploader for lowest cost transfer to the cloud)Yes
Action Management (Action planning, allocation, work flow, tracking, notification, and reporting)Yes
Dashcam (WIFI camera with crash detection and pre/post crash video automatically uploaded to cloud via smartphone. Manual download of images and video via smartphone.)Yes