Optio-Eye - Fleet

Wi-Fi Dashcam with automatic crash detection and free storage of all crash videos- never miss an accident and reduce your insurance premiums
Manufacturer: Unistrong
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Delivery date: 3-5 days
£72.00 excl tax

Dashcams are becoming more commom as people have found they are one of the most effective ways of capturing how other people drive on the road as well as recording accidents or incidents. Pictures and Video footage are increasingly used to settle a dispute and/or resolve an insurance claim.

Key benefits are:

  • Connects with Optio application
  • Don't miss any accidents - auto FNOL detection
  • Up to 2 minutes of FNOL video automatically transferred securely
  • Free storage of FNOL Video's in the cloud.
  • Supplied with16 GB SD card for loop recording
  • Easy installation and fits discretely behind windscreen.
  • Able to download Witness Video and Snapshot pictures on demand