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21 August 2020

To see the full details and capabilities of Telematicus Schack then click on the attached link to Schack in Microsoft App Source. There is full product information and details that are relevant for an insurance telematics deployment. A Microsoft Customer Story about O2 Drive is availabe at O2 Drive. Telematicus Schack device agnostic platform provides a solution for installed and self-installed devices.

With the current climate driving a move to self-installed telemetry solutions now is a good time to see the quality and relevantce of smartphone data. The use of the Smart Green Drivers application can be used in a "try before you buy" mode as well as making use of the dedciated AI interventions model and the latest lookup for validating Young Drivers.

The Optio-Eye dashcam provides the customer with an alternative to a traditional insurance only telemetry device, allowing them to be one of the 3M dashcam users in the UK, and you as an insurer to get "real time" access to FNOL footage from a tethered device.

We can provide an end to end solution for you and will make sure that you are able to get maximum insight into your telemetry data.

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21/08/2020 14:57
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