KGM Digital Bump Card - 12 Months

An free introduction package for all new business and renewal fleets underwritten by KGM Insurance. This is an App only package providing fleets with policy details and provide "snapshot" risk profile data. The risk management functionality works for 500 miles and other functionality for the full 12 months of cover. Fleets are able to upgrade to other packages.
Manufacturer: Telematicus
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KGM underwriting services is one of the most sophisticated commercial lines insurers in the UK with an outstanding claims service. They are passionate about using the latest and most relevant technology to deliver the right solution to their customers. Working closely with their team we are pleased to configure our Smart Green Drivers' proposition for KGM Fleets. Fleets benefit from the latest Telematicus solution which is based on UN Sustainable Development Goals and KGM understanding of driver risk and how to improve the Claims process by providing relevant information.

The package has the following features and benefits:

  • The Optio mobile application contains a GPS Flight Recorder (GFR) so that driver risk management data is collected via smartphone device. In this package data collection is limited to 500 Miles per device.
  • The Optio mobile application provides for a "Digital Bump Card" with all the necessary policy details, terms and useful numbers to contact and tips in the event of an accident
  • The Optio application provides for individual driver feedback and other driving related features via Tiles. These include "My Driving", "My Expense Claims" (for collecting expense receipts alongside automated vehicle mileage claims that are compliant with the HMRC processes), "My Footprint" (CO2 Emissions), "My Places" (for routing), "My Garage" (vehicle management), and "My Notifications" (automated and manual messages). NB "My Footprint" will not provide new CO2e assessments after 500 miles. Any of the "Tiles" can be turned off in the app via the "Tile Library"
  • Please click the link to the see You Tube Video of the App - Mobile App

As the system is connected directly to KGM Insurance they will be able to review the risk managemnt data in real time, this driver risk profile data will be taken into consideration by the KGM underwrtiing team and may be factored into the renewal process.