Smart Green Drivers - Carbon Strategy Plan

A mobile app and system for organisations and drivers so that they can understand the impact of transport greenhouse gas emissions, providing the right data for ESG reporting and the benefits of the features of the Optio smartphone driving application (IOS/Android).
Manufacturer: Telematicus
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Society has a greater understanding of the impact of our behaviour on the environment. The Carbon Strategy Plan provides a cost effective way in which people and organisations can understand the consequences of driving behaviour on the environment, manage driving risks and use data to make right decisions about offsetting carbon.This plan helps you focus on resource efficiency utilising the UN Sustainable Develpment Goals, adapted for Transport emissions. The flexibility of the solution allows you to set your own goals and targets based on "baseline data" as well as allowing for set targets to ripple down to countries/markets/departments as well as indiviual drivers. All of this is achieved and managed progress in the Smart Green Drivers Application. Success in achieveing your net zero goals is based on data and science based targets, the Smart Green Drivers solution allows you to upgrade and add additional features as you require.

The plan has the following features and benefits:

  • The Carbon Strategy Plan cover all Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions all your fleet vehicles including grey fleet, staff travel to work and supply chain/partners. The app approach is particularly relevant for companies that want to adress their Scope 3 emissions. 
  • A structured approach to data collection and management is recommended with driving data capture being handled by the Optio mobile application using its builtin GPS Flight Recorder (GFR) for collecting risk management and emissions data.
  • The data collected can be used to inform your EV vehicle strategy by identifying actual distance travelled (range) and amount of time available for charging. 
  • Drivers get personal feedback on CO2e emissions via the My Footprint - per trip, weekly, monthy, and annually. There are also tools for reviewing driving behaviour (My Driving), managing vehicles (My Vehicles), managing places including more accurate routing using "whatthreewords" (My Places). Automated and manual messages (notifications) sent via the system are accessing via the My Notifications tool. If you need to claim travelling or other business expenses the My Expense Claims tool allows you to manage claims with images of paper receipts for convenience. The mileage part of expenses claims is automatically handled by the Optio application.
  • Please click the link to see a You Tube Video of the App - Mobile App
  • The Reina backend application has been configured with Smart Green Drivers Carbon Strategy features including goals and targets as well as baseline reference data. All completed Carbon Offsetting Certificates are stored in the system as well as the standard features you would expect to manage both vehicles and drivers. It is simple to upload fleet details, training and driver handbook resources that are contained in the system to support safe and eco driving.
  • Please click the link to see the You Tube Video of the Systen - Driver and Vehicle System
  • The system is configured with all of the necessary reports and data to comply with the annual Streamlined Energy and Carbon Report (SECR) - a new government requirement for companies with more than 250 employees or a turnover of £36M. For those fleets interested then the package can be upgraded to support you on your journey to "net zero" with a full carbon strategy plan including helping the fleet to be carbon neutral during the journey.
  • Please click the link to see the You Tube Video about SECR - SECR Reporting
  • The Carbon Offsetting certificates are based on UN Gold Standard projects that you have chosen to invest in on an annual basis. Under the Carbon Strategy Plan you are able to chose the projects you and your company want to invest in and the raneg of projects include Economic, Environmental and Social ones. We can also cater for "local" initiatives with our UK Carbon Reduction Partners.
  • The Carbon Strategy Plan also uses the latest AI models to make recommendations to drivers about the potential for using alternative modes of transport, our modelling using a maximum of 3 trip changes and a time of no more than 10 minutes. We have seen results that indicate that up to 40% of driven trips could use and alternative mode of transport.

This is a light touch approach to collecting risk management data which provides benefits if the solution is used, if your let your insurer know you are using this soluiton it many help reduce your insurance premiums subject to a reduction in accident frequency and an improvement in "loss ratio" (Cost of Claims/Cost of Premium)

The Optio mobile application is easy to download at the iOS Store or Google Play. There is a 1 time sign up and registration process where you will be asked to provide an account code. Details of the process and account code will be confirmed after the point of purchase.

The Windows backend admin application (Reina) is quick and easy to install - 1 admin licence is provided for every 100 users and details of how to install and access the application will be confirmed after the point of purchase

Our technology platform is "device agnostic" meaning other telemetry solutions (i.e. black box on top of the battery of an electric vehicle) or an existing telemetry data feed can be catered for - please contact

We continually invest in R&D and new features will be released to improve the application experience and you will be kept up to date with any new features when they are released