About us

Welcome to the Telematicus store where we are passionate about providing the best and most up to date products and services to our all of our customers. The "u" in Telematicus is there for a reason, we are committed to providing telematics that is relevant to "users", and in a user friendly manner - too often telematics is presented as some form of "black art". We believe that access and insight into the data collected from all IoT devices is what provides value for everyone. 

Our products and solutions are developed from a combination of formal research and development in partnership with leading academic institutions and expert partners like Microsoft (Azure cloud services), SnapOn Business Solutions (automotive systems and services), Meta Systems (telemetry devices), and Unistrong (dashcams). The range of devices and solutions that we have in the store have been sourced direcly from these leading global manufacturers and are delivered to you by our global supply chain partner with warehouses in the UK and Europe to ensure that what you buy arrives on time.

Our solution Telematicus Schack is listed in Microsoft App Source and provides and end to end enterprise solution for managing "big data" from multiple devices. We ingest circa 250M data points per day, process and store that data, as well as relevant insights. We apply algorithms and models based on business process rules for existing insights into the data. Our dedicated data science team use the latest AI tools and techniques to optimise the use of data with new understandings.

Whether it is an driving applicaton to help you understand your driving and help you manage your vehicle(s) or it is a dascham to help you capture video footage in the event of an accident we have solution for you. We used the latest technology and tools including AI to provide you with feedback and know that these solutions will help you get a better insurance deal.