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If you are a KGM fleet insurance customer, the featured Smart Green Drivers products shown below have been specially configured to support your organisation's driver & vehicle risk management. The Optio & Optio-eye package features the addition of the Optio-eye WIFI dashcam. This dashcam offers automated crash detection and first notification of loss (FNOL) involving upload of crash videos to the Telematicus cloud for KGM processing.

For fundamental risk management package click here. To include video telemetry and crash support click here.

If your organisation is interested in sustainability and managing fleet CO2 emissions then the Eco Driving and Carbon Strategy plans may be of interest. The Eco Driving plan features our Performance Management System that allows you to manage Goals, Targets and Actions that work in conjunction with the Driver Behaviour and Risk Management package to effectively understand and reduce/offset carbon emissions.

For organisations with larger fleets (>100) and possibly an extensive grey fleet, the Carbon Strategy plan may be a more relevant and applicable approach to understanding your CO2e emissions with a view to developing a strategy for achieving net zero.

Featured products

KGM Risk Management Package - Optio only

A package for all commercial lines fleets underwritten by KGM Insurance. It includes the Windows application Reina for driver & vehicle management. The smartphone (IOS/Android) application Optio captures driving telemetry, provides AI-based driver feedback, and helps fleets improve their risk profile. This package is also applicable for fleets that already have existing telemetry technology and can provide a data feed. This package provides a full 12 months cover in line with your insurance premium.
£50.00 excl tax

KGM Risk Management Package - Optio & Optio Eye

The full Smart Green Drivers package for all commercial lines fleets underwritten by KGM Insurance including the Reina application, Optio mobile application and Optio-Eye dashcam to help fleets improve their risk profile and reduce their excess by providing video footage (within 48 hours) of an accident. This package provides a full 12 months cover in line with your insurance premium.
From £102.00 excl tax

KGM Digital Bump Card - 12 Months

An free introduction package for all new business and renewal fleets underwritten by KGM Insurance. This is an App only package providing fleets with policy details and provide "snapshot" risk profile data. The risk management functionality works for 500 miles and other functionality for the full 12 months of cover. Fleets are able to upgrade to other packages.
£0.00 excl tax

Smart Green Drivers - Carbon Strategy Plan

A mobile app and system for organisations and drivers so that they can understand the impact of transport greenhouse gas emissions, providing the right data for ESG reporting and the benefits of the features of the Optio smartphone driving application (IOS/Android).
£10.00 excl tax

Smart Green Drivers - Eco Driving Plan

Say goodbye to manual data collection from multiple sources for your Scope 1, 2 and 3 transport emissions and say hello to an innovative application that provides all that you need on your journey to net zero. Your ESG reporting including Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR) is automated, your drivers know how you are doing and have access to a range of useful driving benefits.
£5.00 excl tax

Optio-Eye - Fleet

Wi-Fi Dashcam with automatic crash detection and free storage of all crash videos- never miss an accident and reduce your insurance premiums
£72.00 excl tax